A Letter to my Husband on Father’s Day


To my husband,

Not only am I so thankful for you, I really understand what an important influence you have on our family. 

Dads approach parenting completely different than moms do.  I think that children receive a completely different set of lenses in which they see the world from each parent.

As a mom I am so quick to worry about their safety and their feelings. Where as a dad you are always there to make sure they are adventurous and independent of  us.

Where I am there to help them not feel alone; you are there to show them that they are totally capable alone.

Where I am there to make sure they are fed and washed and their rooms are clean; you are there to show them that there is so much more and that the world is their playground and to get out and experience it!

Where I like to tuck them in their warm, decorated and coordinated bedrooms; you are there to tuck them in under the stars and into their sleeping bags.

I drop them off to school with their homework and semi healthy lunch; you show them what it means to complete school and chase a dream and make a difference in the world.

Do you remember that time one kid puked in the car and then the other kid sympathetically puked too? All on the side of I-17? We only had 2 Dairy Queen napkins and a half empty water bottle to clean it all up. Or the time the toaster oven caught on fire and you kept the house from burning down? What the heck would I have done without you?

Plus, without you who would I laugh with at all the weird things our kids do and say? Who would I trade off with reading the same bedtime story a hundred times with?

I need you not only as a parenting partner but as a life partner as well.

I need to look forward to you coming home so I can slip into copilot mode and all the pressure of the day isn’t on just me. I need you when I have been Mom all day and I need someone to see Me instead.  You knew me before this life we have built. We dreamed together of what the two of us would create. Without you it would just be me dreaming of a day maybe I would be lucky enough to meet someone like you to come along side me and create a life with me.

Without you who would binge watch Netflix with me? Who would tell me to get off Pinterest and Facebook because I am pretty enough and a good enough mom for you no matter what they say. And of course there is no one in the world I trust more to keep me and the kids safe if a zombie apocalypse happens. 

I love you big time,




So this weekend as you spend time with your husband or your own dad, say thanks and spoil them because what would we do and who would we be without them?