Let’s Stop the Mom Shaming

mom shaming

I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when I came across a mom-shaming meme about  motherhood. It really got me thinking “is this what people really think?”

Here is the meme, courtesy of Google Images (because the Facebook post got taken down)

It had so many likes and shares and comments about how this was so true. I really wish I had grabbed some screen shots of the comments before the post was taken down. The amount of people commenting on what made a “true” mother was just so disheartening. 

Since when did parenting become such a competition that it has caused us to start rooting against each other?

First and foremost, self care is not a bad thing, and it isn’t the same for all of us. Self care for one person may be getting their hair and nails done and looking super duper on point. For someone else, self care can be something as little as savoring a piece of candy they have hidden away from their little ones or binging a show in pajamas after the kids have gone to sleep.

For me, it’s donning my favorite pair of leggings and oversized sweater/shirt while I walk aimlessly around thrift stores with a venti white chocolate mocha frappuccino that I can’t finish. I know amazing mothers who dress to the nines every single day. I also know incredible mothers who wear leggings and the ever so popular “mom bun” on more than one occasion.

I feel like social media has become both a blessing and a curse for mothers. It’s a place where we can find community, a place to share our worries, our concerns, and all of our joys and achievements…but it has also become a relentless breeding ground for bullies. Motherhood is hard enough without mom-shaming! We are now at the time where the whole world is connected through a screen and we must stand up for one another. It’s takes a village. We need one another to help get us through this amazing journey that is motherhood. I wont forget how valuable the internet was for me as a first time mom. All those late nights with the baby, I knew that I could post about how tired I was and there would be so many women who would stay up with me because we were all on the same boat. That’s the kind of support and encouragement we need.

Last, but not least, we don’t know what everyone else is going through. Everyone has something going on and we must try to be the best we can be. Instead of judging each other, we must lift each other up. We are all trying our best to raise our children in this world.  So please, let’s stop with the mommy shaming and begin with mommy praising. Let’s be kind to one another and show our children that kindness is the way to the future. 


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