Get to Know the Blogger: Brit Koch


– Family: My Husband Brandon and I have a 2-year-old Hazel who is really stinking adorable.

– Job: I am a property manager of short-term rentals (VRBO & AirBnB)

– What brought you to Flagstaff: Originally friends I studied abroad with were from here so after I finished school I visited and really loved the mountains and the people.

Fun fact: I moved away for about 8 months when I was in Kenya and then came back and met my husband who is from here.

– Early Bird or Night Owl: At this point early bird, I’m not sure how you could make it as a night owl with a 2-year-old.

– Hobbies: I’ve been getting back into crafting which has been such fun! I have been making leather earrings and sewing some.

– Favorite thing to do with your Family: My favorite thing to do is go to Bearizona. We all love animals and there is always something fun going on. We always try to make it in time to feed the otters and go to the animal meet and greets. Also watching the bear cubs play is just so fun!

– Coffee or Tea: BOTH. I will be honest though I’ve had a lot more tea since pregnancy. When it is cold I have tea almost every night my favorite is yogi peach detox which is a spicy treat at the end of the night.

– Favorite/Least Favorite Household Chore: My least favorite is cleaning the bathroom and favorite is cooking. I love trying new recipes and just throwing stuff together with the veggies we have. 

– Something You are Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to a couple of things first, our trip to Tulsa for Christmas and a huge trip to Italy Brandon and I have planned in May (kid-free!).

– Favorite Things to do in Flagstaff With/Without Kids: Favorite things to do with kids are short hikes or concerts in the park during the summer series. Without kids, I would have to say going to Historic for a Piehole Porter and then Thai food or a concert.

– Best Mom Hack: Homemade play dough with germ destroyer and cinnamon. Hours upon hours of play plus it smells amazing.

– The Greatest Challenge You’ve Faced: I think the greatest challenge is patience. Time never goes the way you think it will when it comes to adding a little independent thinker to the mix. I think that’s where I have personally had the most stress is timing with naps and getting out of the house, I’ve learned to roll with it more though.

– Something You Love About Yourself: I love being creative and learning how to do new things.

– Favorite Thing About Being a Mom: I love love love being a Mom. The snuggles and smooches along with getting to watch her learn and figure things out it’s just the best.


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Brit Koch
Brit Koch originally from Tulsa, OK. landed in Flagstaff in 2012 after a series of 26 countries. From Europe to the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia the mountains of Arizona captured her heart and Flagstaff was an easy move. She has been known to be a number of things: Long-distance cycling enthusiast, Tea aficionado, Hiking, and Camping devotee, former Montessori Teacher, Road-trip Lover, DIY-er, Personal Chef (just kidding but she LOVES cooking). She met and fell in love with her Husband Brandon who is a rare breed, the Flagstaff native. They have a wonderful bright and sunny 2-year-old Hazel Jean.