Finding Balance

Finding balance? There is always so much talk of whether stay at home moms or working moms have it easier, better, or whatever. Having been both, my opinion is that being a mom can be challenging no matter what. After lots of thinking about this topic, I am not trying to decide if I should work again now or if I should continue to stay at home.
What I am doing is trying to find balance. I haven’t found it yet but I am trying. For me, I think this is what I need to be the best mom I can be.

So what is balance and how do you find it?

I’m honestly not sure. But I do know that if I stay at home with the kids all day, every day it makes me a little cuckoo and I need to get out. Same as if I am gone from my family for too long, I just want to run home and squeeze them tight.
One aspect of balance for me is just taking a break. A break can come in many different forms. If you can get your kids napping at the same time that is a great time to take a break. But we all know that might not be the reality. For me, I have started hiring a babysitter to come over once every week or two for a few hours so that I can go out and do errands that are easier done alone or to just drink coffee in peace and quiet. A couple hours every week or two obviously might not be enough so I need to find little breaks in other ways as well.
Another part of balance that I am learning is that I need to balance the time that I am actually with my kids and family. What do we do together? How often do we go out? Where do we go? This can be a little bit overwhelming for the mom who does this every day. I try to get out with my kids as much as I can but some days it just doesn’t happen.
I’m trying to find the balance between being a mom who lets their kids play with their toys alone and find their own creativity and being a mom who takes their kids out for world experiences and exposes them to different events and surroundings. This may sound simple to some but I find it to be a little bit of a tricky business! 

So what do you do to find balance in your life and in your home? I would love to hear fellow parent tips and tricks.


  1. When I was a busy mom and midwife I continually struggled with balance. I tried to take care of myself most days by getting a walk in the woods. I got a massage about once a month. I tried to eat healthy cuz I felt much better than eating sugar and junk food. I tried to get enough sleep(hard when you’re a mom of a young child AND a midwife.) I tried to call sisters and friends if I needed to talk things out. After all of this I was diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue and low thyroid. I think it’s really hard and we need lots of help, plus we need to drop our perfectionist tendencies that make us want to be perfect moms and perfect professionals. It is only in my retirement years that I am dropping my expectations to get a lot done, resting more and enjoying life. I wish for all moms that they learn this sooner than I did, and have more fun!

    • Thanks Mary Ann! I didn’t write about it but I also feel like as your children change in age the balance in your household and you change so it’s a continual cycle of trying to be the best mom, wife, and person you can be !

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