Cool Weather, Hot Coffee: Five of my Favorite Local Places to Sit and Sip


I don’t just drink coffee, I NEED coffee. Coffee is the one constant in my ever-evolving definition of “busy.”This weekend I finished grading 96 essays for the four English classes I teach at NAU, participated in an online teaching course, parented my toddler alone (the minute my husband left town, said toddler contracted two splinters from wood chips), entertained out of town guests, played domestic bingo (Laundry? BINGO, Dishes? BINGO, you get the idea), and tried to fit in two play dates with friends. These were my “days off.”


Not only does coffee provide fuel in the form of caffeine, but it’s a reminder to slow down, sip, and take in my surroundings. Fall in Flagstaff is certainly worth slowing down for. I hope you’ve perfected balance, calm, and grace, all while rising at 5:45 a.m., but in case you’re like me and you haven’t, I’ve listed five of my favorite local places to get a giant cup of LIFE FORCE.

White Dove Coffee is on the east side has a great selection of food (even crepes), coffee, and tea. It’s a laid-back place with plenty of seating and parking. I take my son when they have live music, because it keeps him entertained while I sit back and relax. 

Brandy’s Restaurant & Bakery is also on the east side. It is technically a restaurant, not a coffee house, but I broke my own rules because it has the best pumpkin chai latte I’ve ever had. They also have a wonderful early bird breakfast deal, and I see families there all the time.

Single Speed Coffee Cafe on Beaver St. is my favorite place to meet friends, because it’s close to the downtown transfer center for parking, has lots of seating, and in addition to cafe beverages serves amazing goodies. I’m a big fan of the breakfast biscuit. 

Macy’s Coffee House is also on Beaver St., and serves a full vegetarian menu. Their “Macy’s Special” is a delicious hot chocolate and coffee combo. I love their outdoor seating, because it gives my son and I a chance to people/puppy watch. 

Firecreek Coffee Company is in the heart of downtown Flagstaff. They are very involved in local arts, and are always putting on great events. Their coffee is top-notch, and they also serve wine and beer. Everyone wins. 

Where’s your favorite spot to sit and sip? Share in the comments!