Meet the Contributor: Christine Davis

In the spirit of beginnings and introductions, I’ve included some info below so you can all get to know a little more about me. Thanks for reading, and for making this community home!
Family: I have a wonderful husband, Justin. We met in sixth grade, and have been together ever since. Middle school love lasts, sometimes. We had our son, Jett, last year. He arrived in time to celebrate our third wedding anniversary! We also live with Molly the Adventure Dog, a small rescue pup who runs the house. Back in N.C., I’m blessed to have four generations of women alive (me, my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother), as well as a set of menfolk (my dad and grandfather). They are a cast of characters who always keep me guessing. “Eccentric” is the best word to describe us.  
Job: I teach composition full time at NAU. It’s a dream job. I’m continually amazed by how much my students care about the word around them, and work to help others. 
Early Bird or Night Owl: Reformed Night Owl
Hobbies: I’m writing two novels. I like to knit (but just scarves). I look at videos of hedgehogs and otters. I take long walks that aren’t quite hikes. I watch trashy TV while working out at the aquaplex. Sometimes I sneak off and eat breakfast all alone. 
Favorite thing to do with your Family: We love to play in the park. Live music on Wednesday nights is our current go-to activity. 
Coffee or Tea: COFFEE!!!!! I have a Gilmore-Girls level addiction, and no shame about it. 
Going back in time, one thing you would tell yourself right before you became a mother: You won’t need an epidural, so don’t let all those people freak you out. 
Something you are looking forward to: Jett walking! Visiting NC in July. Cake (cake is always in the back of my mind).
Favorite Thing to do in Flagstaff with/without kids: Brunch. Cocktails. Movies. If I had to pick one: brunch. 
Best Mom Hack: I let Jett have a pen (closed) and paper so he can grade papers while I do. This works for up to 15 mins.
The greatest challenge you’ve faced: My greatest after-baby challenge was when my husband had to leave home to do TSA training for two months. Jett was three-four months old, and I had to hold down the fort all on my own, while working full-time. I broke down more times than I can count, but three half-days of daycare a week, and truly wonderful coworkers helped me through. 
Something you love about yourself: I love how strong I am. 
Favorite thing about being a Mom: I’ve always wanted to be a mother, and now I feel like I’ve come home.