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Who here loves to read? Or maybe you used to love to read but in the chaos of long nights, diapers and Daniel Tiger you lost it? I am not a super avid reader. I am more of a read as long as I can before bed until the book or Kindle fall down and wake me up in a panic. That being said I LOVE a good book. When being a Mom is feeling so heavy and all consuming it is so nice to hide away in a book and get away from my life and become engulfed in someone else’s.

 I also am super lame in book nerd terms and lean towards trendy, top selling books and even books that are made into movies so if that is not your jam this may not be the list for you. I have compiled a list of my most recent reads, hopefully, you can find one to hide out in after the littles have gone to sleep!

Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Two sisters live in Paris during WWII after the death of their mother and the abandonment of their father. One is married to a soldier and living with her daughter in the country side. The other sister who is the more rebellious of the two leaves the countryside headed for Paris looking for her father’s approval and finds her own way and her place in the war. The story is told by one of the sisters in present time but you don’t know which sister it is until the very end. There is love, danger, politics and a hard look at what it meant to be a woman left behind during a war. I loved this book which is based loosely on true life stories of the women who lived through WWII. If you are into historical fiction and girl power don’t miss out on this one!


What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Let me start by saying I am kind of obsessed with Liane Moriarty books right now! Picking one for this list was torture! The premise of this one is not only intriguing I feel like it was really well written. The plot of a woman waking up and forgetting 10 years of her life could be the start of a train wreck novel, not this one though! Alice wakes up on the gym floor and has lost 10 years of her life. She comes to find out everything has changed, instead of being happily married she is going through a bitter divorce. Expecting to call her sister who is also her best friend she comes to find out they are not on speaking terms. The biggest surprise of all, she now has 3 children!

Other than the obvious adventure of rediscovering her identity, this story will make you think what would your 10 years younger self-think of you now? All of Liane Moriarty’s books are easy reads that will keep your attention. Need a book for the beach or other vacation try this one!

The Selection by Keira Cass

This to me is the ultimate summer read. Summer read to me means something not too deep that you can slip in and out of while keeping your kids from drowning at the pool. Listen, this is not an award winning book and is not the best writing and character development you have ever read. That being said this book is as delicious as reality tv and will remind you of a certain show. 35 girls are brought in from 8 different castes throughout the country to compete for the heart of Prince Maxon. Sound familiar? The main character is an America Singer who is not interested at all in the Selection or Prince Maxon as she has a love of her own at home. Spoiler alert the Prince is dreamy and all the girls fall in love with him.

If you want a light read that will keep you entertained make you want to finish it in one sitting and will fulfill all your princess fantasies; this is the book for you!

Confessions of a domestic failure by Bunmi Laditan

This is the book I am reading right now! Have any of you followed Bunmi on Facebook? If not you are missing out; she is hilarious and shows all the not so perfect moments of being a mom of little ones. This is her first novel that is semi autobiographical but not entirely nonfiction. It starts with Bunmi facing the hardships of being a mom for the first time. She has given up her job and is now wearing nothing but yoga pants; barely showering and rarely leaving the house. Her husband is gone most nights and she is looking for a new group of friends to help her navigate this new chapter in her life. Read along as she lies her way into play groups and finds her way through her new identity as a mom.

This book will literally make you laugh out loud. If your kids are a little older the feelings of having your first brand new baby will come rushing back. If you are a mom, this book needs to be on your list! Start it now so I will have someone to talk about it with when I finish it!

“There’s no way around it. Motherhood is hard. And you young moms put more pressure on yourselves than we ever did, with your crafts and your activities. Do you know what we called crafts when David was young? Chores. We didn’t play with our kids, we sent them outside. All day. They’d only come back in when the streetlights came on. You moms have it different. You’re expected to be on 24/7 and look good doing it. My advice is this. Stop being so hard on yourself. And drink more vodka.”
― Bunmi Laditan, Confessions of a Domestic Failure

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What are your favorite summer reads? Have your own suggestions comment below!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Selection Series. I’ve read it twice. Also pretty fun that Kiera went to my college and church. I don’t know her but many of my friends know her well… and I use to see her editing at the local children’s museum while the kids all played 🙂 It’s so awesome to see her success!!

    Also currently working my way through all the Kristin Hannah books. I read Firefly Lane years ago… but just re-found her.

    Another of my current favs is Sarah Addison Allen.

    Like you, I read on vacation or a few pages here and there. Trying to pick up books more than getting lost in phone scrolling. It’s definitely easier on an app cause it’s always with you – but also trying to use the library more! I’ll have to check out these other two – though I think I have at least 7 more Kristin Hannah books to read 🙂 🙂

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