5 Ways New Flagstaff Moms Can Reduce Stress


The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as “how the brain and body respond to any demand.” With that being said, motherhood affects how we respond to the demand of caring for our little ones.  Being a parent is a 24 hour job and our bosses are not always understanding of how tired and weary we are.

With twins on the way, my husband and I were prepared for sleepless nights and a significant decrease in personal free time.  

We have been fortunate to have been able to travel sans-babies to Thailand for our honeymoon; and to Hawaii for a personal vacation.  Like most people in Flag, we love going on hikes, exercising, and enjoying the variety of local breweries/restaurants.

However, all parents know that when it comes to enjoying the things we used to love before having children; the struggle is real – especially for new parents.  Constantly meeting the demands of a new baby can be overwhelming; and taking the time relax and maintain wellness seems like an extra task.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Especially not for new moms in Flagstaff!

As a new mother in Flagstaff, I have found this mountain town to provide a quality of life that surpasses other communities I have lived in prior to moving here.  

Here are some of the things I have found most helpful about our town that has helped me maintain my sanity.

  1. Unplug and get outside. This one may be obvious but it is so true.  And I don’t mean strap your newborn on and go hike to the top of Humphrey’s.  Foxglenn Park has a great paved path that circles the park and a perfect distance for a short walk.  Buffalo and Bushmaster Parks are also great places for a nice short stroll with your little one.  Leave your phone in the car to soak in the scenery without any distractions. 
  2. Get a massage.  My birthday was about a month after the babies were born and when my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, the first thing I thought of was a massage.  Flagstaff has a multitude of talented therapists.  I have visited Spa Citron, Flagstaff Face & Body, and Massage Envy, and all have provided great services.  A massage would also be a great opportunity to fit in a nap!
  3. Join a local mom group.  Right after the kids were born, I immediately joined the Flagstaff Mountain Mama’s.  I have not been able to attend many of the Meetups; but it is nice to know that there is a community of moms going through the same daily struggles.  Other moms can also list items that they are selling or giving away on their Private Facebook Group; which also helps and leads into the next item….
  4. Save money.  Flagstaff is a wonderful place to live, but we all know it comes with a price tag.  Add a baby into the mix and financial stress immediately goes up.  However, there are ways that moms in Flag can save money on baby items.  Savers, Wild Child Clothing, and the Facebook pages like “Flagstaff Buy, Barter, Sell” are great resources for finding used baby items that are often at least half of what you would pay for something new.
  5. Forget about the “to-do” list.  This item isn’t exactly specific to mothers in Flagstaff, but I do think it is important and essential to living a happy life as a new mom.  I would like to include a disclaimer that I do not mean to forgo important responsibilities such as paying bills or going grocery shopping.  When my children were born, much of the stress that I endured was self-inflicted.  I continue to struggle with the fact that I cannot achieve the same amount of tasks in a day that I used to prior to having children.  It is simply not realistic; and if you try to cram in all of the things on your list, you will run yourself ragged.  So put away the list and instead of racing to finish that project when your baby is napping, take a nap for yourself too.

I hope this list is helpful for the new mommas out there.  Give yourself a break because you have earned it!