5 Games To Play While Sitting-An Ode To The Lazy Parent


We all know the struggles of parenting during a pandemic.  Whether you’re an essential worker trying to figure out childcare because you have to go to work and come home exhausted, maybe you are a remote working parent trying to simultaneously work while caring for your child or children, or a bit of both-this is not an easy time for families.

What we need is a break, even for a minute.

The following “games” are options that can be done from the comfort of your couch.

SIMON SAYS: I like this one.  If I say “Simon Says” at the beginning, I can get my son to do basically anything because, well…it is a game.

“Simon Says put all your dinosaurs in the middle toy bin.” Done.

“Simon says run outside and tap the back fence 30 times then run back inside.” This one is a good one because it usually requires a counting restart a few times, providing a few extra independent moments.

BALLOON VOLLEYBALL:  Playing balloon volleyball from the comfort of your couch is surprisingly satisfying.  Extra points if we can hit the ceiling fan and the balloon diverts in the opposite direction.

MUD PIES:  If you have access to dirt or a sandbox, turning it into mud provides something new and a different sensation.  Although this may not be for the faint of heart and you will likely need to be ready to spray them down with a hose afterward, this often provides an extended period of freedom.

BODY CARS: Literally lay on your stomach and have your child place as many matchbox cars on your back as possible.  The more cars he can pile up without any falling off, the more points.

USE THE FORCE:  If all else fails, use the force.  This does require the use of your arms and holding them up, but using the force also requires your child to freeze for at least a few seconds.

Do you have any games to suggest that require little effort?