Three Tasty Desserts You Can Find in Flagstaff for $5 or Less


I’m not a huge fan of sweets, but every once in a while I’ll share a dessert with my husband and daughter. One of my favorite desserts is funnel cake — and guess what? You can get it in Flagstaff for $5. Anytime you want. Well, at least more often than going to the state fair.

I’m going to tell you where to get funnel cake, plus two other favorite places to get dessert for the whole family (3-4?) for $5 or less.

Funnel Cake

Yes, you heard me. Five bucks and it includes toppings! If you’ve had funnel cake in other places like the Chicago pier, Disneyland or your local state fair, you know that $5 is a steal for this delicious treat.

I guess I should tell you where to go: Hickory’s BBQ

My husband loves barbecue food, but we avoided going to Hickory’s because it was on Milton, and we felt like it was more of a chain/tourist spot. One day we did takeout and discovered that it’s actually decent. But what sealed the deal for me (and why I don’t mind going back) is that I can get funnel cake. They serve it to you in a normal sized takeout container and pile it high. Comes with your choice of the following toppings (as many as you want!): honey, chocolate, powdered sugar, caramel, whipped cream and/or seasonal fruit (berries). Feed your whole family for $5. It’s amazing.

Warm Cinnamon Pretzel + Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

This next one I discovered by accident. I was shopping for groceries and my daughter wanted a snack. I decided to be awesome mom and get her a frozen yogurt. I got a cinnamon pretzel for myself and our total was $1.98 + tax. Sweet.

We sat down. She started eating her froyo and I tore off a piece of my pretzel. Then — and get ready to have your mind blown — I thought, I should dip this in the frozen yogurt.

Guys, it seems so simple. I know how ridiculous I sound, but holy moly it was sooooo good. So good in fact that I saved half of the pretzel and yogurt to take home to my husband for him to try. Even after freezing the yogurt and re-heating the pretzel, he was sold. We now share this dessert between the three of us for TWO DOLLAS.

Ready for it? Sam’s Club. Ha!

Cruller Bread Pudding

Just by reading this heading you may already know what the last option is. It’s the cruller bread pudding at Tourist Home. We were introduced to this deliciousness by a friend and were hooked. This is probably my second or third favorite treat after apple pie. It’s bread pudding made with a cruller donut? Or something wonderful like that. It’s not too sweet and the perfect texture. And I think you can get a slice for around $3.50. But we usually go for the special they have which is three for $7. Either way, it’s worth it.

There you have it, folks! Where are your favorite places to grab awesome dessert on the cheap?