The Best Margaritas in Town!


This year I have lived in Flagstaff for 10 years, 7 of which I could legally drink. With that knowledge, I will pass on to you my top three places for the best margaritas in town!

Best Margaritas in Flagstaff

1. Criollo

What I love about Criollo’s margaritas is that they are made with fresh juice squeezed right there in the restaurant. No corn syrups or artificial flavors. They also have seasonal flavors throughout the year. My favorite is the prickly pear. The last time I was at Criollo they offered a pitcher with a flight of all the current flavors. Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me.


2. Salsa Brava

Right at the bar, you’ll notice Salsa Brava’s constantly turning frozen margarita machine. A good margarita connoisseur, like myself, knows one should be wary of frozen margaritas (less alcohol), but I’ve never found the quality to diminish. Their margaritas come in a variety of standard flavors with many options for higher end tequila. Enjoy with Nachos Brava, my personal favorite.


3. La Fonda’s

Remember what I said about loving freshly squeezed margarita juice? Forget it, we’re at La Fonda’s now. There’s nothing organic, sustainable or natural about their syrups but man are they good! They have fancy flavors and make them right there while you’re waiting for your table. They’re good, strong and you’ll probably get another before you leave Taco Tuesday.

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