May Poll: Flagstaff’s Favorite Breakfast Burrito


We asked our local Mom Community and Conversation page their suggestions for their favorite breakfast burrito stops and the most votes went to:

#8 Burritos Fiesta

This local taco shop does not have their own website, but this author can attest that their burritos are pretty tasty! Visit them after spending some time at Bookman’s!

#7 La Casita Mexican Restaurant

Despite the name, this stop is a stationary food truck permanently on Rt 66 and Ponderosa.

#6 Los Altenos

#5 Dog Haus

My personal favorite for a quick no fuss burrito!

#4 Tacos Los Altos

Enough could not be said about this amazing place!

#3 Poliberto’s

Actually, maybe Poliberto’s is my favorite quick no fuss burrito?! Visit them on Cedar across from Safeway.

#2 Martanne’s

Martanne’s is famous for their chilequiles but Flag moms voted them to our second place spot!

#1 Tourist Home

Were you surprised!? I personally wasn’t. Tourist Home’s breakfast burrito is my personal favorite and accompanies a mimosa and crounut just fine! If you’ve never eaten their burrito, just ask any local what you should get. I find that no matter who I ask, once Tourist Home is brought up the conversation always shifts to their burrito.