Chicken Noodle Soup {In the INSTANT POT}


The chill is finally in the air here in Flagstaff, HALLELUJAH! I know not everyone is a fan of the cooler weather but it’s probably my favorite time of year! I love being able to cozy up in a blanket either watching a movie or reading a book. The other thing I love about cold weather means hearty yummy soups! 

Here is my recipe for chicken noodle soup in the Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker). I love a good mixture of chicken, noodles, and veggies! I chose to use chicken thighs instead of chicken breast because I feel they have more flavor and gives a richer end result. Even though I only used carrots and onions as my vegetables. Truly, in all reality, you could use any vegetables you love! 

You’ll want to sear the chicken on the sauté function in a little bit of oil and seasoned salt! I have tried several recipes and found that the seasoned salt happens to be the secret to really yummy soup!! Once you have a good sear on the chicken, nice and brown, add in all the veggies and cook them for 2-3 minutes.  After all that is cooked add the water, chicken stock, and seasonings.  Then place the lid on the pressure cooker and set to high pressure for 30 minutes. After you do a quick release when it’s done turn it back onto sauté and add the noodles and set the lid slightly askew. Cook noodles for 8-10 minutes until tender and make sure to remove the bay leaves before serving! 

You end up with an end result of a pot of soup that tastes like it’s been cooking for a long time.

[yumprint-recipe id=’8′]What is your favorite type of soup during the colder months of the year? Any recipes you’d like to see here and adjusted for the Instant Pot?

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Beckie Cochran
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