Writing Positions Available: Join FMCo.


We can talk about diversity and inclusion, or we can make moves to actually spark change in our community. Over the years we’ve had many amazing, talented and unique writers on the team at Flagstaff Mom Collective, and every time we post an application for writers to join our team the messaging is the same. We are for Flagstaff parents, by Flagstaff parents. We are a platform for all voices and perspectives of parenting in Flagstaff. Our mission is to be inclusive and diverse, kind and welcoming. We aim to unite parents across our community through sharing parenting perspectives and resources specific to the families that live here.

But we haven’t done nearly enough to accurately represent the unique demographic of our community, and for that we apologize. We know better, so we must do better.

Did you know that Flagstaff has a Native American population that is about 12x the national average? According to an American Community Survey by the National Census, “this is due to Flagstaff’s proximity to several Native American reservations such as the Hopi, Yavapai, Navajo, and Havasupai. There are almost 5,500 people of Navajo ancestry in Flagstaff.”

According datausa.com, “The ethnic composition of the population of Flagstaff, AZ is composed of 64.4% White Alone residents, 19.4% Hispanic or Latino residents, 7.67% Native American & Alaska Native Alone residents, 3.29% Two or More Races residents, 2.65% Asian Alone residents, 2.16% Black or African American Alone residents, 0.205% Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander Alone residents, and 0.19% Some Other Race Alone residents.

Why all the facts and figures? Because this is the truth of who our community is, and we as a platform that promotes itself as inclusive need to do better.

We’re now accepting applications for writers to join our team at Flagstaff Mom Collective, and we humbly request that if you feel you are an underrepresented voice within our existing organization – please, please apply. We want you to feel seen and heard in this community, just like everyone else.

Your voice matters, and we would be honored to give it a place to be heard.

Please email [email protected] for more information and to apply.