Toddler Fashion for Summer: Flagstaff Style


We often joke when living in Flagstaff you can get all 4 seasons in one day. Summer can be a little unpredictable here. It’ll be Spring in one Zip Code and Winter in another! Flagstaff keeps us on our toes when it comes to weather. We do our best to stay prepared with layers, rain gear and lots of sunscreen. 

Be prepared for Flagstaff’s constant changing weather while staying practical with these five must-have kid fashion pieces. 

We made it easy to grab these items for your kiddos and linked to Amazon*. Because Amazon Prime is the greatest thing to happen to motherhood since microwaves started re-heating our lukewarm coffee! 

  1. Fleece lined rain coat – A light coat with the fuzzy liner is great for all year. It’s just enough to cover up the little ones from the quick transfer from car into the store. Most importantly they’re usually not too bulky to be worn in car seats!
  2. Rain boots WITH straps – Perfect for all of Flagstaff’s rainy, muddy days. Straps are a must so that your toddler can easily put them on themselves.
  3. Crocs – These are another easy slip on shoe for your toddler.
  4. Jeans with elastic top – These can easily be found at Target and Amazon. I love the elastic waist for the potty training stage and for teaching my oldest daughter to dress herself.
  5. Large brim sun hat – The sunshine is extreme on a clear day in Flagstaff. A large brim hat is the way to go. Plus, they’re just plain cute.

Summer days are here and my girls and I love the long sunshiny days. Look for us at the park. We’ll be the croc wearing, red-heads, lathered in sunscreen!

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What are your summer gear must-haves for your family? 

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Amanda Wiesner
Originally an Arizona desert rat, Amanda Wiesner has been setting her roots down in Flagstaff since deciding to get her degree in Interior Design at NAU. Life came quickly at her as she married her college sweetheart, graduated, bought a home, had baby #1, and then quickly baby #2, in a matter of 3 years. She and her husband also have taken on the responsibility of being landlords. Amanda enjoys the challenges and rewards of being a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters, Carly (4) and Morgan (2). When she’s not busy hosting princess tea parties, she enjoys renovating her home, crafting, thrift shopping, and relishing in the great outdoors of Flagstaff.


  1. Amanda Wiesner knows what she’s talking about, plus, she is a great mother to her two girls. Take note other mommies!

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