Mox Shoes


This post was created in partnership with Mox Shoes – all opinions are our own. 

As a work from home mom, I’ve noticed that my fashion, or lack thereof, quickly morphed from cute and casual, to looking like I am continuously headed to the gym.  In an effort to practice more self-love, I decided to change from my sweats and dress in jeans/flats.  Once I made this decision, the dilemma of finding the perfect shoe came up.  I needed comfort, versatility and serious bonus points if they also happened to be fashionable!

I had seen pictures of Mox Shoes floating around and was curious about how comfortable they were. They definitely nailed the fashionable criteria, but could they withstand mom life as well? 

The short answer is yes!  Imagine the beloved jelly shoes we all used to live in during our childhood summers; Mox Shoes are the adult version of those.  The braided basket weave design makes them fashionable and versatile. You can pair them with yoga pants to go walk the dog, your trendy jeans to meet girlfriends for lunch, or even a skirt when heading to the office.  And to let you know, I’ve done all three of these. 

And the colors! 

They have 10 different options from neutral to bright.  I decided on this Platinum pair to put to the everyday mom test.  When I received them in the mail, I slipped them on and immediately noticed how comfortable they were.  The 100% man-made rubber is both flexible and provides cushion that makes them easy to wear all day without aches or pains. 

Another amazing bonus of the rubber? They are super easy to clean!  After an afternoon standing in my driveway watching my son ride circles on his big wheel, I often enter the house a little grimy (hello Flagstaff wind and dirt!).  I quickly found that I can take off my Mox, rinse them in the sink and they are as good as new.  Between keeping a house, myself, puppy and tiny humans clean, the fact that I can rinse these off and have them looking brand new in 5 seconds adds multiple bonus points.

To make sure the comfort really lasted all day, I put them to take my son to daycare, went on a coffee date with my daughter (aka, running around chasing her while trying not to spill my coffee), walked around town, went grocery shopping and did my regular daily chores.  When I entered my house hours later, I didn’t have that immediate need to kick them off for my slippers. 

They are so comfortable that you feel as if you are already in your comfy house shoes. 

If all that still doesn’t make you want a pair, take a minute to read their backstory. 

Mox Shoes were created by two stay-at-home moms with a total of 5 daughters between them; so you know these shoes passed the cool test with them.  We love supporting mom businesses. At the end of the day we’re all out there trying to provide for our family, keep our house in order, raise good humans and if we’re lucky, follow our passion.  These moms found a way to do it and are rocking it!  

I am extremely happy with my Mox Shoes and to make sure you get a chance to try them, enter FLAG10 for a 10% discount off your purchase.