Being Make-Up Free


When you’re young, make-up is grown up and fun. However, the older you get, make-up becomes less fun and more seemingly mandatory. 

According to New Beauty, 80% of women wear make up every single day. 

This number bothers me a lot. I stopped regularly wearing make-up years ago. I just found the whole idea unnecessary.

I’ve heard from a lot of girlfriends, that they wear make-up because when they don’t, they are told they look tired. I think the reasoning for that is more of what people are used to seeing.

I wear make-up when I feel the occasion calls for it; photo sessions, stage shows, costume parties and the occasional fancy date night.

There’s a clear difference between wearing make-up because you enjoy it, and wearing it because you “have to”.

We don’t expect men to contoure, wax or “fix their face”— so why should we?

I have better things to do with my time and energy. 

I’m waiting for women without make-up to be less of a novelty. For the largest section of a drug or big box store to not be cosmetics. Overall, I’m waiting for society to stop being so caught up on womankind’s personal appearance.

How do you feel about wearing make-up? Do you wear it daily?


  1. So refreshing! I usually don’t even wear make up once a week. I feel like my skin was much worse when I wore it regularly and then I had to cover it up more to hide the blemishes. Usually if I do put make up on I usually just do my eyes and a little blush to add a little more color. I feel like I can be myself more instead of hiding behind a perfected mask.

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