Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts


Fun Fact: Every season is baby shower season when you’re in your twenties!

This month alone I have three baby showers, one of which is for a best friend and one is for my sister-in-law. Having my own little one I still plainly remember what was and was not a great gift. 

I can’t guarantee that every mama will love every product (remember, every woman and every baby is different) but I would like to believe this will put you in the ballpark.

Photo by Focus on Birth Photography
  1. Something for bedtime.

I’m going to start with the most useful thing we had for our brand new, fresh out of the womb baby – velcro-swaddles.

My daughter, though born in July, came right when the monsoons did. Although she did not like having her arms tucked in, this was the perfect way to keep her warm. I got one at my baby shower, and my husband and I immediately went out and bought 4 more from Wild Child Clothing.

When she got too big to be swaddled we kept her warm with various long sleeved and no-sleeved sleep sacks.

I know there’s this idea that you shouldn’t buy newborn items because the baby will immediately grow out of it, but my 6lb baby had 2 pairs of pajamas she could wear for about a month. Do you know how long 2 pairs of pjs last a newborn? One night. (P.S. zippers are better than snaps)

2. Something for the boobies

Let’s be real for a second. Whether or not your mama is breastfeeding, she will still have sore and leaky boobs. Help a sister out so she doesn’t need to send her husband on a Target run.

3. Something off their registry

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time researching, sharing with my husband and putting things onto my registry. I got maybe 4 gifts of things I had actually asked for. Now I know, that I didn’t really know what I would and wouldn’t need when baby came. However, getting a few things I had actually planned on (like bottles) would have been great too. I’m not saying you need to 100% stick to the list, but a couple things would show you to be a very considerate friend.

You can also use the registry to see what kind of items mom and dad don’t want. If mom didn’t register any pacifiers, maybe they aren’t planning to use them. If dad didn’t include onesies that say things like, “daddy’s little princess” maybe that’s not something they aren’t into. And if you see a bunch of cloth diaper items, probably don’t buy a box of disposable diapers.

4. Something that is actually useful (not clothes!)

I know it is so tempting to buy all the cute baby clothes, but don’t! I guarantee that not everyone at the shower will follow this advice and baby will never be naked. Some of the worst “baby stuff” advice I was given was, “babies can never have enough onesies”. This is a lie. They definitely can. 

Here are some gifts that are totally useful that my family had to get in last minute situations:

  • We bought a few baby first aid items for “just in case” and we have never used it. What did need to happen though was a run for Baby Tylenol.
  • Boogie spray, goes great with a Nose Frida, which I promise is not disgusting and is totally amazing.
  • The first time my baby was sick the doctor couldn’t do anything except tell us to get a humidifier – which we didn’t have. Do you know how many stores we had to go to get one? More than necessary.
  • Nail clippers. I promise it’s not as scary as you think!

5. Money!

Sure, it isn’t glamorous. Some people might even say it is tacky. But do you know the best baby shower gift my husband and I received? A big ol check from my Uncle John! Know what I bought with it? Things I actually needed for my baby! Like cloth diapers! I bought all the diapers and accessories I ever needed with it. It may not be fancy but it sure is practical!

6. Honorable Mention: Wine!

Best friend, ever!

What are your top 5 baby shower gifts? 

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