Candid Motherhood

We value the hard work of Motherhood. Different seasons bring fresh challenges – but we feel that raising children is a universal experience. One that often feels fleeting, messy and chaotic. 

How many images do you have of yourself and your own mother? A precious few? Albums full?

Technology today affords us the ability to maintain infinite catalogs of our lives. With the swipe of a phone or the click of a camera, we can capture the milestones of our children – digitally bookmarking our memories. 

Do you often include yourself in those images? Living your story alongside your children in front of the camera?

Flagstaff Moms Blog presents Candid Motherhood as a movement to recapture and record our story. 

We’ve partnered with a team of talented local photographers who will help us highlight the beauty found in the midst of Motherhood. This is not a staged photography session – this is an opportunity to capture your relationship with your children through the art of candid photography. 

What does Candid Motherhood look like? 

Naptime nursing sessions and bathtime chaos. Shopping for produce at the farmers market with your Toddler while the Baby is wrapped snug against your chest. Swings at the park and walks through the woods. A treat shared with your kids at a favorite local spot. Sidewalk chalk and popsicles in the sweet summer sunshine.  

Each of us has a story to tell, and to our children, that story is the most captivating.

What may feel mundane and messy is really the marvelous part of Motherhood. 

Submissions are now closed – we received so many wonderful applications!