10 Best Patio Restaurants in Flagstaff

Best Patios Flagstaff

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to eat out! As a mom of 3 small kids a lot of my eating out is dominated by Chick Fil A and Café Rio. Don’t get me wrong those places are great; I mean play areas and free quesadillas hold a special place in a momma’s heart! That being said, I need, I mean NEED, my time with my man or my girls surrounded by yummy food. Summer is by far my favorite season in Flagstaff and I intend on soaking up every minute of it which means eating outside! 

Here are 10 restaurants that have great patios, some for date nights and some also are great for those times you want to eat out as a family. This by no means is a list of all the great patios in town just some of my favorite! So this summer set aside some time to eat some delicious food, enjoy Flagstaff’s beautiful weather, support local businesses and sip a cocktail on the patio watching one of Arizona’s legendary sunsets. If you see me there say Cheers!

1. Criollo – Date night must see.

Criollo serves Latin infusion which pretty much means delicious and super fresh. They list all the farms and local sources they get ingredients from and the wait staff is super knowledgeable in all the menu options. Their little back patio can be hard to snag but is totally worth it! It is everything I love about Flagstaff and I would say is my favorite patio of them all! First off it is in an alley. I  mean what is cooler than a downtown back alley?! I’m not talking smelly, creepy back alley, in Flagstaff back alleys are art canvases with murals plastered on all the open spaces.  Criollo has fresh herbs and plants all around their patio and lights strung for awesome ambience after the sun goes down. Be sure to get there for happy hour Monday-Friday 3-6 pm. They have great margaritas and special prices on small plates like fish tacos and Sonoran hot dogs! Put this on your list of must sees!

2. Lumberyard – Family by day, party by night.

Lumberyard is a versatile choice. During the day you can bring your family and sit on the patio and watch the trains go by in the heart of downtown. Lumberyard is a historic building aptly named for the Flagstaff Lumber Company from 1890 that used to be run out of that building. Saturday nights are Country Night. Starting at 9 pm meet in the brewery area where you can take country dance lessons. Do not miss this! This is the most fun you will have on a date night or out with a big group of friends. After a time of practice the tables in the restaurant are moved and the dancing begins! If you are a curmudgeon and refuse to dance be sure to at least come inside for a bit and watch the dancing. A loyal group of who show up every week and throw it down! We are talking legit Two Step with the guys flipping the girls over their heads!  After you get done dancing be sure to head out to the cooler temps on the patio and enjoy one of their awesome brewed beers under the stars!

3. Macy’s European Coffee House – Delicious coffee south of the tracks.

Macy’s has been a Flagstaff staple forever. They have a loyal following and the place is always full of locals before work and tourists getting their morning start. Summer is the best time to check out the front patio. Always full of people, dogs and the perfect spot to people watch! Their breakfast menu is all vegetarian but don’t let that scare you away. Their biscuits and vegetarian gravy will not leave you longing for sausage! The Coffee Bohemian is my favorite, a cappuccino with chocolate and cinnamon. The coffee is not only yummy, their latte art is on point!


4. Tourist Home – Friends in town? This is your breakfast and lunch spot!

Tourist home is one of the best new additions to our mountain town! The building was built in 1926 and is the perfect mix of history and modern décor. You walk into a coffee bar smack dab in the middle, surrounded with people talking or working on their laptops. Stepping up to the counter you’ll spy some carb eye-candy galore! The pastry chef fills the case daily with everything from the most amazing Cronuts (half donut, half croissant) to cookies and more. For breakfast they have all you could want, from a Breakfast Burrito to Benedict.  For lunch they have sandwiches, burgers, salad and a great selection of kids items. The restaurant has two unique patio areas. The front is porch style and the back is a large fenced yard with picnic tables. Bring the whole family and sit in the back where the kids are contained and can run around while you dine on amazing food!

5. Diablo Burger – Perfect for First Friday or Date Night Downtown.

Diablo Burger is located in Heritage Square in Downtown Flagstaff. During the Summer Heritage Square is a weekend hot spot. Between Movies on the Square every Saturday night, to all sorts of events including First Friday Artwalk, this is the place to be on a weekend. Seating at Diablo is SUPER limited and most of it is patio family-style picnic tables. If you don’t want to fight for a spot check this place out for lunch or on a week night! The burgers are made of grass fed beef from the Diablo Ranch right here is Arizona. A unique twist – burgers are served on English Muffins instead of hamburger buns! Once you try them you will only make your burgers at home that way from now on!

6. Old Town Creperie – The sweetest ending to an evening downtown!

Right next door to Diablo Burger is this little  gem! It’s a cozy spot with all the charm of Heritage Square.  They serve Savory and Sweet crepes. Savory include the Margherita featuring spinach, avocado, tomato, mozzarella, and feta with an herb tomato sauce and fresh basil. My favorite are the sweet crepes like the ‘Flagstaff’ with bananas, strawberries, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, berry puree, chocolate sauce and whipped cream! Crepes are the best ending to any great date night downtown! The Old Town Creperie is open May through Halloween and are also at the Farmers Market every Sunday at City Hall.



7. The Oakmont – Family Friendly Patio with amazing views!

The Oakmont is located in the Continental Country Club on the east side of town. The patio over looks the Continental Golf Course and has a great view of Mt. Elden. They offer all sorts of food from appetizers to pasta to burgers. The patio also offers tons of grass space to let the kids run around, including corn hole and yard jenga! If you can catch a sunset while eating dinner your experience will be complete! 




8. Altitudes Bar and Grill – Who doesn’t love a train shot?!

Located south of the tracks on Beaver Street is Altitudes Bar and Grill. This place is locally owned and offers up burgers, sandwiches, salad and soup. My personal favorite is their Green Chili Chicken Stew. They have a great front patio next to the train where every time a train goes by you can join in on their Train Shots served up on a ski! They also have live music during the summer and you may even see the Alpine Pedaler show up, think booze cruise on a big trolley-like bike!




9. The Mayor – Skee Ball and drinks out of an Airstream?! Sign me up!

The Mayor is fairly new on the bar scene here in Flagstaff. Located south of Downtown close to the Northern Arizona University campus. They have a huge patio space with Yard Jenga, Corn Hole, Washoes and tons of seating around multiple fire pits. Make sure you head over to the airstream or as they call it ‘The Land Yacht’ to get your drink of choice or XXX Snow Cones. That’s right –  what is better than a snow cone? A snow cone filled with alcohol of course! They also serve sandwiches and salads and even have a snack menu including pizza rolls and soft pretzels. If you don’t mind hanging out with college age folk this place is definitely worth visiting when out with friends!

10. NiMarcos Pizza – Family friendly pizza by the slice!

If you are going to be spending time downtown as a family be sure you hit up NiMarcos! You can get a whole pizza ,or even better – slices served all day! Established in 1979 and then taken over by 2 NAU alumni in 2000 this has become a Flagstaff favorite. Dough and sauce are made daily and they always have a great selection of slices beyond your typical pepperoni and cheese. There are 2 locations one on the west side and my choice for the best patio is the downtown location on Beaver, south of the tracks.




What’s your favorite Patio in Flagstaff? Do any of mine make your list? 

Making Work at Home Work


If you are one of the people who scored a coveted spot for your kiddo at a pre-school,  I applaud you, however if you are like the masses and stuck on a miles long waiting list then you have probably had to make some career and lifestyle changes.  Our little one will hopefully be getting into a school in 2018; but until then, I get the joy and pleasure of staying home with her. While also trying to balance working part time.  

For me working from home didn’t come easily or naturally.  When you have a toddler, baby, really any age child at home it’s hard enough to get your daily household and childcare tasks done while making sure that said child isn’t burning the house down, ravaging any organized space or just generally plotting their own demise.  

When I would be ignoring my child to fire off some client emails I felt like a bad mom, and when I was playing legos and doing the same puzzle 298 times a day I felt detached and stressed, like my body could actually feel the emails stacking up in my inbox.

I think all parents go through this struggle. You want to be the best everything; parent, spouse, friend, daughter, employee and human, but ultimately feel like when you succeed at one role it is at the expense of another.  It’s rough.  I don’t have all the answers. I don’t think anyone really does, but here is what helped me to make working from home work.  

Make nap times work for you

Duh, right? Even though this may sound silly or obvious, hear me out.  I treat nap time like it’s a timed test.  I become hyper focused because I know I have a solid hour and a half to DO IT ALL. This “beat the clock” mentality is almost competitive in nature and truly motivating.  After I have worked for an hour and half, any time that I have after that is for me.  It’s like the carrot at the end of the stick.  Not only did I get a lot of things done professionally; I’m less stressed and feel more in control when I am done and can actually enjoy my “me time.” Which can range anywhere from a mere five minutes to – gasp – whole thirty minutes!

Have a routine

As a former elementary school teacher I love structure.  Having a routine gets me focused; and studies show having a routine gets your brain in the head space to perform.  For me, my routine is to boil some water for tea, light a candle, and then start setting up my work space. Cleaning up anything that will impede my work (think: sticky breakfast dishes, grocery bags, the after effects of the pre-nap tornado, etc.) By the time my tea is ready there is a nice scent around my work space (our massive kitchen island). It’s fairly clutter free around me and I am mentally prepared to get down to business.  The scent of the candle and the act of drinking tea are also great physical cues that it is time to get down to business.  Doing this every day helps provide some structure and makes the act of working a little more pleasant. 

Have a family schedule

I’m sure you already have some sort of schedule. You probably have too many schedules; school schedules, your baby’s sleep schedule, your partner’s work schedule, and on and on, but hear me out on this.  My husband and I sat down together and made my “work schedule”  yes it’s true I may not be going off site to an office but what I’m doing is just as important and meaningful as any work I did in an office setting so it’s important to schedule the necessary time.  

We made set “work hours” and those are protected times where I cannot be pulled away to take care of household duties or childcare. Just like if I were away from home. I wouldn’t be folding laundry and watching TV while trying to field calls at an office. So during my work hours it’s like I am a walking do not disturb sign, I am not really here, I am at work.  This has been so helpful because I know I have allotted times to accomplish specific tasks. I can better plan my days and prioritize. This strategy also helps to keep me from doing a halfway good job all day long, during my work hours I am fully present and doing my job instead of trying to sprinkle in work all day throughout my day.

Be realistic

I’m a mortgage loan officer, and most of the things I need to do can get done during nap time. But, the things that I can’t do during nap time, like meet with clients or participate in phone calls without a screaming baby in the background; that’s when I have learned that a babysitter can be the most valuable investment in your career.  You can do a lot with your child, but some things are not professional or productively done with a toddler in tow.  

Knowing what I can and cannot do and accepting that was huge for me.  Yes I can take my baby with me to drop off marketing materials, but do I really want to? Here are some flyers that use to be nice but now have cheddar bunnies smeared on them. Is that the professional message I want to send?  No, thanks.  Many successful people say you should invest in yourself first if you want to be profitable. Well, for me investing in myself meant investing in a sitter once a week so that I could put my best and most professional foot forward. 

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you find your #momboss self. I would love to hear the suggestions you other mamas have! Do you work from home and make it work?

YOU are my Why

making mom friends

Ever since I was in High School, I was one of those people who had a ton of acquaintances – but only a few close friends.  That trend followed me into my college and through post-college life.  My two best friends moved across the country finally landing in Wisconsin and New Hampshire; which was fine because we were able to text, email and communicate daily. 

Finding Friends

When I joined the workforce, I made work friends that I would gladly attend Happy Hour with, and often joke along with at work.  But we never made it much past work friends, and I was always fine with that.  Soon I met my husband and with his unique work schedule, I treasured every free weekend we had together.  My husband had a close group of friends, so we often hung out with them and they quickly accepted me into their social circle.  They generally did not have long lasting girlfriends or wives, so I was still missing that female connection. 

The next chapter of my life brought me to motherhood.  What anyone who has been the mom of a newborn has realized, is that motherhood can be awfully lonely

I love my son more than anything, but I was used to working 40 hours a week.  Now I sat at home with my son, felt the pressure of all the internet posts that I wasn’t creating daily lessons for my week old son to learn. I felt that tug of sadness coupled with guilt for even feeling sad in the first place.  I got out of the house as much as possible; the park and story time are fabulous activities, but not for a 3 week old. 

I eventually made my way back to work, submerged in adult conversation, feeling like myself again and valuing my weekends off with my son and husband.  Sure, I would meet the occasional mom at the park, but nothing ever “stuck”.  And to be fair, it wasn’t for lack of these moms reaching out. 

I was the one who often said no to plans until one day they stopped asking. 

In my mind I only had a few days with my family after a full work week; so I wasn’t going to make plans to hang out and do playdates!  What kind of mom would do that?!  The unfortunate part was I would see these moms post pictures on Instagram of birthday parties or playdates that I inevitably wasn’t part of, and I felt the sting of guilt and pain of sadness.  Sure I could handle it, but my immediate thought was, “why were they excluding my son”?  But, of course they weren’t.  They had asked me numerous times to hang out, and I always said no because that was the time I chose to spend with my family.

Missing out on Mom Friends

Enter my second child.  I realized Maternity Leave is a lot more fun and entertaining when you have a toddler around!  I now had the time to take my son to art class.  We went to story time and the park, all with little sister in tow. 

I started to meet and talk to moms, and that’s when I realized it; I had really missed a lot about life, kids and being a mom by not having mom friends! 

It sometimes makes me sad to think of how much I missed that first year by not having any close mom friends near by.  There is a lot to be said about commiserating over your screaming  child (while drinking wine), and knowing you’re not being judged. 

I felt like I didn’t know the best baby brands, toys or foods because I had no one to talk to.  I felt like my son missed out “making friends” and playing. 

Flagstaff Moms Blog was created not only for our love of Flagstaff and the community, but to be honest, I wanted a close support system and community for myself.  So if you are a mom reading this and you find yourself in my words, I encourage you to join in our community. 

Sign up to attend an event.  Comment on a post, I promise we’ll write back!  Engage yourself, because as we know, being a parent is hard, but what’s even harder is realizing later what you missed out on. 

Mastitis : A Lesson in Listening to my Body

Doctor's OfficeI was in those first few moments of bliss where your mind cannot tell if you are in a dream or reality.  My husband and I were on a beautiful island resort; drinks were flowing and I was commenting how wonderful the water felt as we sat at the swim up bar. 

Moments later I awoke only to find I was not basking away in a pool; but my 103.4 degree temperature had caused me to sweat through my pajamas and blankets.  In that instant I knew I had mastitis.  My entire body ached so bad that I felt as if I couldn’t move. 

During the night, my breast became so painful that I could no longer bring my 7 month old daughter anywhere near it to nurse.  I had the perfect trifecta of constant pain, intense throbbing and burning in my breast. 

Warning Signs and Treatment

This should not have come as a shock as the day before I had the tell-tale symptoms; achy body, fever and pain in my left breast.  Unfortunately I ignored the symptoms, convinced I was getting the flu and it would go away on it’s own.  My son had been sick the day before and the last thing I wanted to do was sit at the doctor’s office, just to have them tell me I had the common flu, which had no cure. 

With the help of my parents I made my way to the Minute Clinic (of course it was Saturday!) and the doctor looked at me, took my temperature and told me she really should send me to the ER.  She measured the infection, a very visible red splotch, which was 9″ by 5″.  She told me I should be thankful that after 24+ hours it hadn’t spread outside of my breast into the rest of my body.  I was sent home and instructed to continue to breastfeed, which put me into tears, take 10 days of a strong antibiotics and make sure the infection did not spread.

The next 48 hours were a blur. I was thankful that with my husband out of town for work, the kids and I were staying with my parents.  There was no way I would have been able to care for them.  I had actually told the doctor that after two non-medicated childbirths, this was more painful.  She looked at me as if this was common knowledge, and said, “yes, it is”. 

A Painful Lesson Learned

So, as I sit here, antibiotics finished and finally feeling like myself, what lesson have I learned?  I learned that I completely ignored my instincts.  As moms, I think we’ve nailed it when caring for others.  But when it comes to our own health, we put it far on the back burner.  The phrase that keeps ringing through my head is, “I really should send you to the ER”.  I cannot imagine what I would have done with my kids if I was sent to the hospital.  I was so concerned about parenting, going to work, etc. that I refused to go to the doctor the day before.  The irony is that if I was put in the hospital, none of that would have mattered. 

Moms, please listen to your bodies.  We cannot care for others if we cannot care for ourselves.  Thankfully this was something that was easily treatable and cleared up relatively quickly.  Next time I know to listen to my gut and not take my health for granted.

Mastitis Symptoms: (WebMD)

  • Tenderness/swelling, body aches, fatigue, breast engorgement, fever/chills, lump in breast, persistent fever, puss draining, redness/swelling/pain that does not disappear after breastfeeding, red spot.

Please note, I am not a doctor, so please contact a medical professional if you have any questions or concerns. 

Have you been diagnosed with Mastitis? How did you manage? 



Swimsuit Shop Round Up!


Summer is upon us, and we all know what that means – swimsuit season! Maybe you’ve got a family vacation on the calendar coming up, or your kiddo is enrolled in swim lessons. Perhaps you’ll be hitting the community pool 3x a week like us! Whatever your summer swim plans, we’ve got you and your kiddos covered with some cute and functional suits. With kids we know it’s so much easier to shop online, rather than hauling your whole crew to the mall for a marathon swimsuit search session. We linked to some of our favorite shops that allow you to order online! 



1. Albion Fit – We love the fun and whimsical look of these retro-style suits.

2. J Crew – Classic styles and prints. 

3. Target – The right styles at a great price!


4. Land’s End – Their ‘Swim Finder’ helps match you with your perfect suit style. 

5. Athleta – Bra sizing options make finding your fit easy. 

6. Anthropologie – So many unique and beautiful suits to choose from. 



7. Justice – Bight prints and cute styles. 

8. L.L. Bean – Sporty styles to keep up with swim lessons. 

9. Land’s End – Fun suits with coordinating rash guards to match. 



10. Tilly’s – All the best surf brands in one place. 

11. ZARA – Retro styles and prints. 

12. Old Navy – Great value for your money. 

:: PIN IT ::


What are your favorite swim shops? Do you enjoy shopping for suits for your family ?

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