Sylvia Bucina

Sylvia lives in Flagstaff, Arizona with her daughter (5 years old) and husband. She was born and raised in Mauritius Island which is a small tropical island located in the Indian Ocean. She is multilingual (French, Mauritian Creole and English). She lived in Ottawa, Canada before moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. She holds a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management as well as a Master of Health Care Administration. Sylvia is an avid reader, tea drinker, traveler and cruise-goer. You can find her with a hot cup of tea concocting her family’s next destination.

It is Time to Make Mother-Daughter Trips a Tradition

As a stay at home mom whose husband’s demanding career takes him away from home for extended periods of time, all aspects of parenting our daughter are my responsibility. It is often said that...

Homeschooling Temporarily During a Pandemic

I have been homeschooling my daughter since school closures in mid-March and decided that I will continue to teach her myself for another year. She is thriving in our current set up and has...

Parenting an Only Child During a Pandemic

Since school closures in March, my five-year-old daughter and I have been staying home. Although the stay home order was lifted a few months ago in Arizona, we are taking a more cautious approach...

Stop Praising Children

As mothers, we strive to do our best to raise our children, we often look for tools, activities and people to help us navigate motherhood and shape our children’s mind positively so that they...

COVID-19: A Germophobe During a Pandemic

COVID-19 brought the world to its knees and changed our daily life in a matter of months. As I am writing this, the number of confirmed people infected in the United States with COVID-19...

Meet the Contributor: Sylvia Bucina

Family: I met my husband while I was on a vacation in New York City. I was visiting from Ottawa, Canada and my husband was visiting from South Bend, Indiana. We both were visiting...