I'm Jennifer a FMB Contributor and I live in Flagstaff with my nearly perfect Husband and our energetic Son. I attended Northern Arizona University where I receieved my undergard in Elementary and Special Education as well as a Masters in Early Childhood with a focus on reading. I taught for almost a decade before staying home to spend more time with my son. These days you can find me working as an instuctor at the BARRE3 studio in town (come sweat with me!) spreading my joy of the beauty of movement and what it does for not just physical health but mental and emotional health too! I openly share my TTC stories and want women to feel less alone in that area! Join me to indulge in yet another cup up of coffee, a hike, or a happy hour around town!
traveling toddler

Traveling, Toddlers, and Tantrums

The 70/30 Rule My husband and I have a few rules that we both greatly agree on. One of them is what we refer to as the 70/30 rule. Most days have a normal predictable...

Stop Asking THOSE Questions, Ask These Instead.

It's not just you, we've all done it. We meet someone for the first time or reconnected with someone you haven't seen in a while so you're trying to get the conversation going, and...

Won’t you be my Neighbor: Going Beyond the Friendly Wave

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Do you remember that warm fuzzy feeling you got when you watched Mr. Rogers? That sense of a security blanket wrapped around you whispering, “you’re home safe little one.” How...

5 SIMPLE Sensory Activities for October

SENSORY PLAY is a bit of a buzz word these days. Some of you might be familiar with it and already do it and others might wonder what it actually is and why we do...

How to Organize Childhood Memorabilia and Documents

Childhood is Messy, Organization helps! Before your baby was even placed in your arms you were filling out paperwork for them. At the doctors office, the hospital registration forms, and what about those truly sweet...

Sonograms. The Good, The Bad and The Scary

Sonograms Thankfully, for many people going to their sonogram is exciting. They get to hear the heartbeat and see the little baby wave their hand and kick their feet, they might even find out the...

Meet the Contributor: Jennifer Shinaman

Family: My husband and I met while attending NAU. Back then we just ran in the same circle of friends, it's funny to look back at those memories being clueless that one day the guy...

Cloth Diapers, it’s better than you think!

WAIT, wait come back! I know, you saw "cloth diapers" and immediately decided it's not for you but hear me out because I promise cloth diapering can and should be for YOU! If you'll...