Danielle Fazio

Danielle Fazio
I'm Danielle, FMB contributor and over-achieving mom of 20 month-old boy/girl twins, Maya & Matteo. I stay home with the goobers most days and use nap time to put on my "corporate" hat and crank out a little bit of work as a medical device company consultant. When I'm not being poked, jumped on, and smooched by my babies, my yoga mat is my sanctuary. I teach yoga part-time at ESenEM, run my own business (High Altitude Yoga), and find an immense amount of joy in bringing my passion for teaching to the Flagstaff yoga community through lululemon as an ambassador. In ALL my spare time (huh?), I drag myself outta bed in the wee hours to take yoga, train for St. George Marathon, grab a barre3 class, or drink a *hot* cup of coffee ALL BY MYSELF. Someday I hope to finish a knitting project, read a magazine from front to back, and drink an entire bottle of champagne without worrying about my kids getting into a tangled, hot, inebriated mess. Hit me up if you wanna join me. I would settle for mimosas + yoga.

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